Adam Kinzinger (Slava Ukraini) 🇺🇸🇺🇦

Did you know: 1) JFK is alive
2) the vaccine has microchips in it
3) the vaccine is magnetized
4) the vaccine causes every death since it was created
5) Covid caused by 5G towers
6) Covid was the flu
7) Covid doesn’t exist ….(cont)…

8) Trump won the election.
9) Italy hacked with spy satellites
10) but wait it was the CIA
11) trump is still president
12) Michelle Obama is actually a man
13) Adam Kinzinger created ISIS (well just sort of)

14) Jan 6th didn’t happen. But it did happen because it was a) the fbi or b) antifa or c) Ray Epps or d) amazing patriots who love our country
15) the Feds organized Jan 6 using antifa and amazing patriots who love our country
16) RFK Jr will be trumps running mate. Cont….

17) democrats and RINOs like me drink babies blood and scare them so we can harvest adrenalchrome (it’s eerily the same plot from monsters Inc…lol)
18) Putin is trying to stop the one world order
19) the luminati is real and I’m a member
20) the UN is taking over America… cont

21) 8 years ago Jade Helm was when the Feds took over the state of Texas. Thank god for patriots like Louie Gohnert and Greg Abbot who stopped it
22) the US caused the coup in Russia but it failed so it wasn’t the US it was that Putin is so amazing….cont

23) Elon musk loves free speech and isn’t an addict to cheap dopamine hits
24) Twitter is succeeding
25) Congressmen get their pensions for life.
26) The us forced Russia to attack Ukraine
27) Biolabs, because the US just has a deep interest in producing WMD in Ukraine

28). Trump won
29) trump is a victim of everything but also super manly
30) there are no snowflakes in the right
31) Josh Hawley is strong
32) mtg is the future
33) MAGA brain worms aren’t real
34) Russian military is strong because woke

Sun Jun 25 23:36:06 +0000 2023