Alice Meichi Li
Thu Mar 18 00:41:41 +0000 2021

Know that anti-Asian misogyny is its own beast. It’s not JUST racism. It’s not JUST sexism. They amplify each other and echo every time someone talks about how "exotic" Asian women are, or how we’re more submissive, docile, or "feminine" than other women. #StopAsianHate 1/9

There’s a reason why white supremacists have a fixation on Asian women *specifically*. These stereotypes prop up their view of a traditional patriarchal role, and they feel entitled to dominate us accordingly. When we resist those stereotypes, their solution is violence. 2/9

The Asian-American women in your life are traumatized by being objectified in this way all their lives. We grow up being gaslit initially into thinking that this dehumanizing “good” stereotype should be flattering to us! After all, who wouldn’t want to be desired? 3/9

Patriarchal male desire is not so simple. It is objectifying, possessive, and controlling. It does not view us as equal human beings with our own agency. Yes, this affects *all* women, but the layers of hypersexualized and hyperfeminized Asian stereotypes magnify this effect. 4/9

As a child, I grew up being bullied by classmates who shouted "sucky sucky five dollah" at me before I even understood what that meant, the context of the movie where the quote is from, and what act that quote even referred to. 5/9

As a teen, my MySpace inbox was full of solicitations from older white men who expressed their fetishizing desires for me -- like how it would turn them on to hear me speak in a broken Asian accent. The ability of a woman to communicate with them fluently was overrated! 6/9

While being reduced to an object of sexual fetish is not abnormal for young girls, there has ALWAYS been that racial component on top of it that made it clear that these men were only interested in me because they didn’t want a woman they needed to treat as an equal. 7/9

I moved to NYC at age 18, and racialized street harassment became a regular (at least weekly) occurrence. It’d always be "Hey China doll" or "Konnichiwa", and then suddenly "C***k bitch" when I inevitably ignore or reject them. 8/9

The objectification of Asian women is something that’s haunted me my entire life. It’s one thing to be objectified -- it’s an entirely different thing when most of the time when I’m objectified, my race is a factor in it. 9/9

Thu Mar 18 00:42:49 +0000 2021