Asha Rangappa
Thu Dec 24 01:04:27 +0000 2020

THREAD. Remember that Manafort was the linchpin of Russia’s efforts with the Trump campaign. He was the one with direct contacts with Russian intel. He was the one sharing info with them. He was the one who owed a Russian oligarch $10m...but worked for the campaign for free 1/

Manafort initially claimed to be cooperating with Mueller. But he wasn’t: In fact he was secretly continuing to do work for Ukraine, tampering with witnesses, and lying to Mueller’s team. Mueller discovered that Trump had been dangling a pardon behind the scenes 2/

Manafort was in a position to spill ALL THE BEANS. He was pushing Russian disinfo (that Ukraine interfered in the election) as far back as 2016. He was sharing campaign polling data with Russian intel. Writing in “code” to his Russian oligarch debtor 3/ was (and is) really important to both Trump AND Pooty to keep his mouth shut. *That* is what this pardon is about. HOWEVER, remember that the NY AG has an indictment lined up on Manafort on state charges. Trump’s pardon wouldn’t reach this 4/

And last year Gov. Cuomo signed a bill closing the so-called “pardon loophole,” which otherwise would have provided Manafort with statutory double-jeopardy protection if NY charged for the same conduct he was pardoned for 5/

He is also continues to be a fair interview subject for FBI counterintelligence; and if he lies to them in such an interview, that’s a *new* crime and one that, after Jan. 20, his pal Trump won’t be around to help him with. SO,the story is not over for Manafort. /END

Thu Dec 24 01:26:32 +0000 2020