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Let's talk about the Trump Hotel 🧵

You've probably seen the big story today about foreign governments running up bills at the Trump Hotel in order to curry favor with the Trump administration. If you haven't, here it is:

If you read this and screamed "EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE!", you're not alone. We warned everyone about this problem the minute Trump took the oath of office.

And of course, we did something about it a few days later

The Trump Hotel in DC was the nexus of corruption and conflicts on interest during the Trump administration

It wasn't just foreign governments and politicians spending money at the Trump hotel, it was the Secret Service as well

Public officials made more than 1,000 visits to the Trump Hotel in DC. Not counting Trump himself, the most frequent visitors were Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence, Stevem Mnuchin and Ivanka Trump.

Everyone was getting in on the game. Special interest groups held more than 100 events at the hotel.

The hotel charged the Trump inaugural committee an abnormally high rate for rooms in the hotel around the inauguration, netting Trump’s business almost 6x the average cost for basic rooms and 8x the average cost for higher tiered rooms

When Senate Republicans held a retreat at the Trump Hotel in DC, the hotel tripled its room rate

When the Trump Victory Committee held a winter retreat at the Trump Hotel in DC, the room rate spike to 13x its regular rate

Given all that, is it any surprise that Donald Trump was pulling $40 million a year from the Trump Hotel in DC?

Mon Nov 14 21:59:52 +0000 2022