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LIVE #MIGOP House "Oversight Committee" Michigan Election - Agenda: "Presentation from Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s Legal Team
|@Youtube NTD: https://t.co/CHBMSxTF7f
|@Youtube RSBNetwork (Best Audio): https://t.co/QLj4yI7COk
Yesterday's Official VIDEO: https://t.co/lAvnYNODAi #MILeg

Official STREAM via Michigan House TV - LIVE #MIGOP House "Oversight Committee" Michigan Election - Agenda: "Presentation from Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s Legal Team. Landing Page: https://t.co/SjyN55L3PW
VIDEO: https://t.co/LQydegl3Bo #Giuliani #MILeg

IMMEDIATELY there is a conflict in the Michigan House Oversight Committee Meeting as Democrats ask for Rudy #Guiliani to "be sworn in as a witness" in accordance to #MILeg rules for cmte meeting. Guiliani says "as a lawyer" he normally DOES NOT swear in. #MIGOP rejects motion. https://t.co/nDCFv8UfcV

Jenna Ellis opens her presentation reminding the Republicans in the Michigan House Oversight Cmte of their "duty to the Constitution" - alludes to #CNP/#ALEC scheme to rig #ElectoralCollege via State Legislatures. THREAD w Docs👉 https://t.co/bnBt5YNf2G #MIGOP #MILeg #Oversight https://t.co/xkZcrFcaV4

MORE on Jenna Ellis, w Rudy #Guiliani in Michigan #Oversight Committee, a "Centennial Institute" "Christian lawyer", mbr org of *State Policy Network* (#SPN) an #ALEC State-level think tank👉https://t.co/HcAFlgbjMY The Trump Electoral College strategy hatched by #CNP/#ALEC et al. https://t.co/YOdWk2zpkn

Michigan House "Oversight" Committee LIST:
Matt Hall* (R) Chair
John Reilly* Vice-Chair
Mike Webber*
Steven Johnson*
Beau LaFave
Andrea Schroeder*
*#ALEC Members

Cynthia Johnson (D) Minority VC
Darrin Camilleri
David LaGrand
#Guiliani #Oversight #ALECexposed https://t.co/t1liWBWHMO

ALL BUT ONE of Michigan Republicans on the "#Oversight" committee giving #Guiliani this platform are #ALEC MEMBERS, w their marching orders via @Lisabnelson CEO, American Legislative Exchange Council, behind Trump "Electoral College" plot👉 https://t.co/f6DYjVlKB6 #ALECexposed https://t.co/stOoNYr8wM

On questioning #Guiliani "witness" of "election fraud" (Jessy Jacob) seems to not be aware of basics of voting in Michigan. For example, registered voters ARE allowed to vote w/out ID. "I always vote that way."-@DavidLagrand

#MIGOP #Oversight Chair Matt Hall loves to gavel! https://t.co/aIzreYi1pX

Dems on committee rightly point out items presented by Jessy Jacob were in FACT rejected by a judge.

|@CourthouseNews: Michigan Judge Rejects Challenge to Detroit Election Results- Injunction based on her affidavit DENIED https://t.co/qSGYtX4Awu #MIGOP #MILeg #Oversight #Circus

Republicans on Michigan Oversight just now figuring out that Ms. Melissa Carone is actually a TEMP WORKER assigned short-term to Dominion, and NOT an employee. Hope they ask how "trained" she is next.

PS She, like, reminds one, just sayin', a Jersey Girl Exit #76 or thar 'bouts. https://t.co/eRlRn8e1bY

#Guiliani "Witness," Ms. Carone, when asked if she would "swaer" that her statements are correct, says she signed an affidavit, so "everything I say is 100% true..." She's whipping out some HUGE numbers of "fraudulent votes" "100,000, maybe more...". #MIGOP #Oversight #Circus https://t.co/egqkBpaEud

#MIGOP House Oversight Chair @RepMattHall lecturing committee to "be respectful" of people making accusations, who have run down Detroit & Detroiters pretty badly as @Rep_CAJohnson pointed out.

QUOTE of the Day: "We don't do that here.. (swear in witnesses at #MILeg hearings)." https://t.co/tligtL9eNy

4th #Guiliani "Witness," or whatever, Hima Kolanagireddy is basically accusing Detroiters at TCF of being racists against "white people".

She's from Wayne Co., gives thousands to Oakland #MIGOP, & had several large IT CONTRACTS w the State of Michigan https://t.co/zBS02RSV6r https://t.co/QATcmOcQMO

5th #Guiliani non-sworn, "witness" or speaker, is Col. Phil Waldren (ret.) presented as a cybersec, statistician. He is "said to be" former officer in the 305th MI (Military Intelligence Battalion) out of Ft. Huachuca, and testified in both PA and AZ on "election fraud." MORE... https://t.co/CYRgXqWC8o

The 305th MI & cmdr LTG McLnerney (ret.) at CENTER of conspiracy theory pushed by Trump who FALSELY called the unit "The Kraken."

SEE Statement👉|@Military: Army Hits Back Against False Claim that Soldiers Died in CIA Op to Nab Election Servers https://t.co/q8Mll78GCc #Oversight

"The 305th MI Battalion are not "the Kraken" that (Trump Laywer) said last month. The unit is NOT INVOLVED in any post-election missions supporting the White House. "The allegations are false," an Army official told @Militarydotcom. PICS: "Kraken" and related Conspiracy Content. https://t.co/0GpIBlT9Yl

Weird, really sad session of throwing our democracy into a wood chipper to save their liar Trump is about over.

#Guiliani: "They used 10 corrupt cities to commit this fraud... Michigan is 300-400,000 votes off."

Thanks @RepMattHall & #MIGOP #Oversight, for crippling America. https://t.co/zXKl01gG5u

#OUCH @DarrinCamilleri with a SOLID RESPONSE to #Guiliani "Your team has lost 39 cases... even your own AG William Barr has stated there was no wide-spread fraud in this election.." etc etc.

Rudy went IMMEDIATELY into a nasty personal attack on Rep Camilleri. #MIGOP #Oversight https://t.co/ovVMNXRv6t

BINGO! The BIG ASK. Rudy #Giuliani to #MIGOP: "Take matters into your hands, defend Constitution, reject the certification (Michigan Election)..."

There is NO FREAKING WAY that @SenMikeShirkey @LeeChatfield DID NOT GET THE SAME "ASK". No way. #Oversight https://t.co/86QZTfp271 https://t.co/AUEGhvqYhL

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