Hiroko Tabuchi

You can’t make this up.. my United flight out of Newark taxied on the tarmac for more than 6 hours and now **no longer has enough fuel** to get to Denver — so we are taxiing back to the terminal.

And guess what, there is now a long line of planes to get back to the terminal ✈️

I thought they canceled the flight, but now they say they are going to let us off, and refuel the plane — and then we are supposed to reembark..

We got off the plane, and then we got an alert on the United app that the flight was canceled. But then they started to board us again! So I showed the cancel alert to the crew/pilots, and now everybody — including the pilots — is totally confused and checking the app https://t.co/bs5CFIXVzh

We are again sitting on the tarmac at Newark. Been here the whole day https://t.co/xuFobfXMMs

We may finally be on our way. My seatmates are pumped! And I’m pretty sure we are the only all-masked row https://t.co/8xq3HDt1IN

I spoke too soon. We are stalled again. A full 8 hours after we first boarded this flight to Denver. We are still on the tarmac at Newark. https://t.co/qmcxh5ObOl

Oh my god, after 8.5 hours on the tarmac at Newark, and disembarking/reembarking/refueling the plane, the flight is a no-go. We are heading back to the gate a final time. This time, it’s the crew — they’ve clocked out. “I’ve run out of apologies,” the pilot just told us.

During the 8.5 hours, we got a cup of water and a tiny packet of those Biscoff cookies https://twitter.com/samuraigodzilla/status/1561913242460364800

It took another half hour to actually get to the gate and re-disembark. So we sat on a plane, not going anywhere, for 9 hours, burning fuel the whole time 🔥

And now, the one travel assistance counter open at midnight.. https://t.co/bv1htHokOH

Since I’m not getting any sleep tonight, sharing some nice pics from the hours and hours trapped on a plane on the Newark airport tarmac https://t.co/3t9foj6VC7

More rainbow 🌈 https://t.co/sCANRErDMG

Round and round on the tarmac https://t.co/2wlc76VjwE

Why.. did.. we.. keep.. driving.. round.. https://t.co/b8KWqhW4xa

Fast forward to 2:30 a.m., a full 12 hours after we boarded this flight to nowhere 🥱 https://t.co/OYIQQlejtF

Line for United customer service at Newark, 3 a.m. https://t.co/8WB4IkY33k

Well, when push comes to shove.. midnight Amtrak https://t.co/XJstnBjkLW

Hi Philly (at 5 am)! https://t.co/GIphjGmlWD

Here we go again https://t.co/4jMZcP0srT

All three of my EWR-DEN seatmates ended up flying out of Philly this morning, and all three of us appear to have departed on time. I swear if this is what it takes to avoid chaos at NY airports, I will start Amtraking to Philly for flights

Finally en route to Denver.. https://t.co/8rtOO7g3BF

Or better yet, fly less — and help fight climate change https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/10/17/climate/flying-shame-emissions.html

Tue Aug 23 14:37:52 +0000 2022