Ilhan Omar
Tue Jan 19 22:31:19 +0000 2021

This man is a monster. We should never forget the millions who have suffered because of his cruelty.

A brief thread on some of his victims.

Pompeo lobbied for and imposed crippling sanctions on the Iranian people—depriving them of much-needed medical supplies during a pandemic and killing thousands.

The other result? Iran now has 12 times more enriched uranium than allowed and the Iranian regime is more powerful than ever. Great going, Mike!

He sold over $290b in weapons to Saudi Arabia, a regime that regularly imprisons, tortures, and kills advocates for human rights and political reform in their own country—especially women’s rights advocates.

Saudi Arabia has bombed, blockaded, starved, and slaughtered thousands of Yemeni civilians in its war in Yemen on our dime.

He also pushed weapons sales to the UAE, one of the most repressive regimes in the world, which has the distinction of committing likely war crimes in Libya, Yemen, *and* Sudan.

He helped start a trade war with China, costing 300,000 jobs—and destroying incomes for many farmers. As a result, farmer bankruptcy and suicide rates are at record highs.

He has made a mockery of international law. Under his watch, the U.S. withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council, joining Iran, North Korea and Eritrea as the only countries to refuse to participate.

He even went so far as to sanction staff at the International Criminal Court—a bedrock of the international justice system since the Nuremberg Trials. War criminals everywhere rejoiced.

Doubling down on Trump’s horrific Cuba policy, he added Cuba to the list of state sponsors of terror, undoing decades of work to create a better life for the Cuban people.

Not only has he openly celebrated far right Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, but gave the green light for the war crime of unilateral annexation of Palestinian land.

Far from pushing for an end to the occupation, Pompeo visited an illegal settlements and went so far as to label products imported from Palestinian Territories labeled “Product of Israel.”

Pompeo routinely used the State Department for personal gain, asking aids for personal favors and using the State Department platform to promote his own ambitions.

Around the world, Trump and his State Department has taunted, mocked, and burned bridges with our allies, while simultaneously cozying up to some of the most brutal dictatorial regimes around the world.

It will take hard work to undo this damage, but we must start with accountability for the destruction inflicted by this Administration’s cruelty.

Tue Jan 19 22:34:43 +0000 2021