Jane Lytvynenko
Mon Nov 02 22:25:50 +0000 2020

Hey pals. Tomorrow's likely going to be a very bad day for false informations, so here's a thread with quick tools and tips to help get you through it 👇

The vast majority of false information we see comes in the form of images, videos, and memes. Be on the lookout for those and don't share without checking.

On your comp?
Get @InVID_EU. (Chrome: https://t.co/lDgZ3hAbMS)

Use it to reverse image search + break down vids. https://t.co/HhrQwht5hw

Need to do a reverse image search on your phone? It's less convenient but doable.

For iPhone, i like Reversee: https://t.co/bCTgTOjRIz

For Android, there's Search By Image:

You can also open the image in Chrome mobile and go from there.

If you can't find the original image or video you're looking for, watch out for context clues:
- does the weather match what it was that day?
- do the surroundings make sense?
- are there any signs or landmarks that you can search up?
- are there other angles you can look for?

Another thing to watch out for is the accounts spreading the information itself — while bearing in mind that we're all human and make mistakes. Look for:
- verified status
- create date
- posting frequency
- stolen profile pics
- posting topics (is it all one-note?)
- followers

Groups chats, Facebook Groups, and other semi-private online spaces can also contribute to spreading unverified info.

Even if you trust the person who posted it, take the time to try to find other examples or verify it yourself. Don't pass it on if you're unsure.

Came across a sketchy website? Don't trust it! You can check its create date by using https://t.co/92pTyUiD01 but I like to just go to the home page for a gut check:
- does content seem exclusively inflammatory?
- is there an about/contact us page?
- see any bad photoshop?

Finally, be ready to be fooled at least once. It's ok! It happens. Just correct your mistake, loudly.

Remember that even if you're not a public figure you're responsible for the online community you created. Watch out for one another.

And hey, if you see something, send it to me. My DMs are always open, my email and Signal are in my bio.

Ok, that's it. Good luck out there.

Oh wait no one more thing!

Remember that comment sections and twitter mentions all add to engagement and boost the content. Be careful with getting into internet fights with strangers, lest you make them stronger.

Ok NOW that's it. Bye!

Mon Nov 02 22:51:06 +0000 2020