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Okay twitter blue has been such a success I need to do a thread. Feel free to add to the 🧵on the great launch of this product

Two great new verified accounts!

And another two success stories

Big day for the politicians of my youth

Elon surprising people a little here, but I’m excited about this new development!

We’ve all seen this powerful new Nintendo campaign by now I’m sure

The “verified account can’t change their name” is a particularly brilliant touch. Amazing to watch a genius work in real time I always say

It’s great that Twitter itself now has multiple verified accounts. Multiple places to ask for assistance if anything comes up!

Okay twitter blue might lead to a small crisis at the Vatican, but I’m sure it’ll be sorted out soon

In conclusion, I hope he seeks this app soon but if he doesn’t you can always find me on IG. Would love to connect over there before it’s too late!

Oh nice we got Aaron Sorkin here too!

And now this. Seems like he’s intent on the destruction of his $44 billion investment

Another brand that must love Twitter rn

Thu Nov 10 18:24:58 +0000 2022