Justin Ong

It’s July 6 and Coldplay have announced their 36th show in Singapore, have gotten PR status here, and rented a nice black and white colonial bungalow right beside Star Vista.

By the way, this is satire, and not true. For the real facts: https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/entertainment/coldplay-singapore-sixth-show-362381

Frustrated that you couldn't get a Coldplay ticket despite SIX shows in Singapore? Don't fret. You're not the only one. Here's an explainer I wrote on whether there's any incentive for concert organisers to deal with this crazy situation: https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/explainer-after-sold-out-coldplay-concerts-should-organisers-prioritise-ticket-sales-locals-and-do-more-thwart-scalpers-2197351

Wed Jun 21 08:45:03 +0000 2023