Kendra "Gloom is My Beat" Pierre-Louis

I tried explaining the covid situation to someone not in the US today and I really think we need an explainer of our national delirium for the world.

Took several tries to explain how Gov Abbott tried to ban mask mandates. "You mean to require? No it's a ban against requiring"

Them: "How is your re-opening going?"
Me: "How are you defining reopening, and 'your'?"

Them: "I'm about to get my second shot. What's your vaxx status?"
Me: "Oh I've been fully vaxxed since April. We have vaccines people just don't want to take them"

Me: "Have you heard about the horse dewormer?"
Them: "Pardon?"
Me: "Oh sweet summer child."

Wed Sep 01 22:08:59 +0000 2021