Marlena Stell

I wanted my baby. My husband and I have tried for years. I got pregnant in august 2021 and then miscarried. My body doesn’t naturally expel so I needed a D&C. I was denied one because my doctor was worried about the laws here in Texas. I waited for 2 WEEKS carrying my loss while

Hoping I didn’t go septic. My pain got worse and I was scared. I begged to get a D&C and was still told no. Because politicians who have no right to butt into my healthcare needs decided their say so was more important than MINE.

Instead of allowing me to grieve my loss, I had to fight for 2 weeks to get care which I eventually got at an abortion clinic and not a hospital. The clinic gave me the care I was denied by doctors. And while

Entering the clinic, I was yelled at and told I was a “baby killer” from total strangers who didn’t even know why I was there or what I was going through. Because these strangers thought their opinions mattered more than my own health and well being.

Oh and here’s my 2 year old baby girl who has her mom still alive because I FOUGHT to get the care I needed. I will NOT let a government decide whether I can get care I need to stay healthy and ALIVE.

To add salt to my wounds, I was required to multiple ultrasounds to “prove” that I indeed miscarried and wasn’t lying. When you’re early in your pregnancy your ultrasound is a transvaginal one, which on its own is already uncomfortable. But being required to have multiple because

A politician tells you have to for “proof”, it’s incredibly violating. I had to hear the same news 3 times “sorry for your loss”. Why put women through that multiple times and make her feel like she’s in the wrong for what happened???

If you would like to watch my video I posted, you can watch it here:

Fri Jul 01 02:40:04 +0000 2022