Miles Taylor
Sun Oct 11 14:46:49 +0000 2020

The polls show @realDonaldTrump losing badly with women. He’d be doing worse if they saw the misogyny I witnessed inside the Trump Administration. *A short thread.*

I’ll never forget how @realDonaldTrump frequently called his blonde, female Secretary of Homeland Security “sweetie” and “honey” rather than “Madam Secretary.”

I’ll never forget the time @realDonaldTrump hailed a female aide into the Oval Office from the hallway, only to realize it was a more junior aide. “Whoa, I thought you were XXXXX, and I was going to say, ‘You’ve lost a lot of weight!’l

I’ll never forget the time @realDonaldTrump told a woman in his Administration that she needed to fix her makeup and that she “looked tired” on TV.

I’ll never forget @realDonaldTrump telling female leaders they weren’t acting “tough enough” and needed to appear more “tough” in public.

I’ll never forget @realDonaldTrump entering a meeting in the Oval Office with two prominent women in the Administration and the lights were low. “Kind of sexy mood lighting, isn’t it?”

I’ll never forget @realDonaldTrump bullying a female advisor to the point that she confessed: “This is the most emotionally abusive relationship I’ve ever been in.”

I’ll never forget how @realDonaldTrump’s public commentary about women sickened the ones who’d chosen to serve in his Administration.

I’ll never forget @realDonaldTrump interrupting and talking over female leaders while, in the same meeting, pausing and listening reverently to male, military Generals.

I’ll never forget @realDonaldTrump complaining to us about letting poor women into the United States as immigrants because they’d just end up on welfare.

There are more...but I wonder what stories the women who spent time with @realDonaldTrump won’t (or can’t) forget.

Sun Oct 11 14:46:52 +0000 2020