Nour Haydar

Today @AlboMP dismissed criticism coming from within his own party over the decision to parachute @KKeneally to the seat of Fowler in Sydney's south west. He declared Labor has “incredible cultural diversity in our ranks”.

He went on to name Penny Wong, Ed Husic and Anne Aly. He said "we have enormous diversity in our ranks... and guess what the next election there's someone called Albanese running for Prime Minister"

When I spoke to retiring Labor MP Chris Hayes in March he argued Tu Le should replace him in Fowler: "It would be sensational to be able to not only say that we in Labor are the party of multiculturalism, but to actually show it in our faces," he said.

Tu Le describes herself as a "community worker, an advocate, and an organizer". She grew up in the electorate, has Vietnamese heritage and acts as a lawyer for exploited migrant workers.

Yesterday, Ms Le told me the decision to install Keneally over someone with roots in the community was a missed opportunity. "It's pretty disappointing and disheartening not just for myself but for the local community to be taken for granted in this way," she said.

"I think that representation matters deeply, and I think that our communities have been calling for greater representation," she previously said.

Keneally says she was motivated to run for Fowler by her "passion for social justice". She says she was approached by local ALP branch members who encouraged her to run. She says "serving this community, living in this community, and fighting for them is what I want to do".

Anyway it should be noted... Labor's 2019 election loss review recommended: "Labor should develop a coherent strategy for engaging more fully with culturally and linguistically diverse communities"

It also said: "To ensure our best potential representatives are eligible for election, the party will need to proactively profile candidates, ensure their eligibility and provide more opportunities for candidates who don’t come from “inside politics”."

Fri Sep 10 03:09:23 +0000 2021