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Thu Jan 07 05:38:48 +0000 2021

JOURNALISTS: Let me help you debunk the lies in the @mattgaetz floor speech about a “facial recognition company” discovering antifa agitators. It all comes from a fake news article from the notorious Washington Times. I will break it all down for you…

First, here is the article:

So this is the story. Some military retiree sent the Washington Times a purported “facial recognition.” Two people “matched” Philly antifa members. One has a “Stalinist sympathizer” tattoo. Another was BLM protests “in the West.”

This matches up with the QAnon conspiracy theories online, which is all based on these guys. First, they think the guy in yellow has a hammer and sickle tattoo. (Spoiler: it's not).

But wait! A facial analysis does show they match a photo of two guys on “phillyantifa dot org.” It’s definitely the same guys.

Buy why are they on the Philly Antifa page? Well, click the link, and you find out it’s because THEY’RE HARDCORE NAZIS and because antifa members posted a whole article about all the HARDCORE NAZI meetings they’ve attended.

One of them is literally wearing a “Camp Auschwitz” t-shirt, and other is wearing a nazi symbol. The person they cropped out is a major skinhead leader.

But what about the other guy? The guy who attended BLM protests in the West? A lot of your probably know that refers to this guy, "The Q Shaman," a well-known MAGA character who attends protests across the country.

He frequently shows up at BLM events harassing people. In truth, he shows up pretty much everywhere harassing people. Here’s a video of him harassing people in an Arizona mall about QAnon:

This is the kind ridiculous bullshit that Matt Gaetz used to fuel his propaganda on the floor on the House. And what really needs to be talked about is how there are no consequences. No consequences for Gaetz, for the Washington Times, or anyone who associates with them.

There is absolutely nothing holding anyone to account for this crap. There is no institutional or political mechanism to disincentivize people like Gaetz and the misinformation pipeline he feeds on.

And the longer nobody is held to account, the farther it goes down the drain, the faster some enterprising little authoritarian is going to find a profoundly undemocratic solution to the problem that involves stifling all of our speech and access to information in drastic ways.

Also FYI, here is Rowan Scarborough, the author of this asinine article, who I'm sure will be happy to answer your questions about whether he is an extremely bad journalist, an extremely malignant journalist, or possibly both.

Interesting thread from @MattBinder about the "facial recognition company" discussed in the story and how anyone who spent more than two seconds looking at them would know they're a joke:

And here's another thread that makes a great point: I don't think that's Heimbach in the rotunda photo, which blows a hole in the BS facial recognition. The tattoos on Tankersly match other known pics, but I think the guy in the mask is just another nazi.

Good conclusion for this story:

Thu Jan 07 07:25:17 +0000 2021