Rick Wilson

1/ Macron didn't just beat Le Pen.

He crushed her.

I don't know the French term for "road kill" but this was a resounding, total victory.

There's no upside for the end of the decades-long Le Pen investment by Putin and others.

2/ The phony populism couldn't hide the inner core of her pro-Putin, anti-immigrant, not-so-covert racial appeals.

Putin was -- as Macron ably pointed out in one of the most decisive debate performances in history -- her banker.

3/ The alt-right/national populist still pulled 40% of the vote, so the work isn't over.

Macron should understand that his enemies abroad -- Putin, Bannon, Greenwald et al -- won't rest and won't stop coming.

They need to mow them down before a cleaner, smarter...

4/ ...version of Le Pen emerges.

Complacency is death for democracies. In America, too many believe that being rid of Trump ended the threat to our republic and its democratic system.

They only have to win decisively in one big election and that's the ballgame.

Sun Apr 24 18:39:37 +0000 2022