Zoë Schiffer

NEW: Apple employees were just barred from creating a Slack channel to discuss pay equity. Here's what Apple HR had to say about it: 1/

"Although this request is aligned with Apple’s commitment to pay equity, it doesn’t meet the requirement for Slack Terms of Use. Slack channels are provided to conduct Apple business & must advance the work, deliverables, or mission or Apple departments & teams." 2/

Here are some other internal Slack channels that apparently do meet Apple’s requirements:

1. fun-dogs: 5k members
2. gaming: 3k
3. buy-nothing-new: Share anything you want to give away for free!
4. fun-cats: nearly 3k
5. dad-jokes: 2k
And of course
6. remote-work-advocacy: 7k

Here's the full story: https://t.co/WA8Lu4TchW

Tue Aug 31 19:31:05 +0000 2021