Thu Mar 11 12:56:21 +0000 2021

The recent #OVH #outage raises questions among our own customers. It's time for quick words about #data, #disaster, and #DRP. Securing the #Cloud as a Provider, a thread 🧵👇

We saw in tweets reactions that there is some sort of (mis)conception that because data are in the #cloud, they're all safe: Cloud are computers, operated by providers, and you, as a customer, also have a #responsibility in this area (introducing: DRP).

A #DRP, for #Disaster #Recovery #Plan, is a set of procedures describing how you should act in case of emergency, is internal to your enterprise, and need to be regularly tested to quickly be activated when needed.

Like any other company, #hosting #providers do need a #DRP, we are no exception, especially because you trust us to take care of your sensitive contents.

We are a #Cloud #Provider, which means you rely on our infrastructure to power your websites, applications, services, all related to your data.

#Cloud is now a central piece of every #business infrastructures: from your #emails to your #CSM tools, we host way more than just websites and we do have to be prepared in case of emergency.

Your #data is a critical piece of your overall business, and most of the companies that will suffer a data loss won't recover in the two following years, according to studies.

Because of it, and the #trust you have in our services, here are our plans in case of critical damage and #emergencies:

1. We manage hundreds of servers, and they're all spread across several racks: in case of any issue in a bay, not all services will be impacted and systems can be quickly transferred to another location

2. Those #servers' #racks are located in different places, meaning that in case of datahall failure, we can still rely on operating subsystems

3. We backup all of your data and retain them for 30 rolling days by design: we can quickly restore any kind of database, files, emails, etc, at any daily snapshot in the previous weeks

4. Our backups are hosted in geographically separated #datacenters, managed by another provider than the one housing our production units, ensuring any natural disaster won't impact all sites

5. To keep IP locations safe, our #DNS servers are hosted at different providers, to allow us to keep our overall DNS architecture up and running in every condition

6. Internet Network Access is guaranteed by four separated operators: no service will suffer any access outage due to ISP issues

7. We operate our own #network infrastructure in our hosting DCs, by running two #redundant networks, providing each server with a fallback network access

8. We choose to host our production units at @Equinix, across multiple datacenters, reputed for their quality and offering the best experience in terms of #protection and #security

9. For customers with advanced needs in terms of #reliability and #scalability, we even have a #Gold plan: your servers are distributed across DCs in #redundant synced states to provide a zero-loss level of service

So we're ready to handle critical cases and emergencies by relying on a strong architecture, well-designed processes, and qualified partners. And we are no exception.

Most providers that have experienced issues in the past were probably as ready as we were, but some of their customers still lost their data. Some because they weren't aware that they had to pay an extra fee to backup their data. Some choose not to pay this extra cost.

Ultimately, it's about understanding the scope of the service you buy: at #alwaysdata, we chose to offer this by design. Some customers will need it, some won't. Your key is to pick an offer that matches your security needs.

In other words, as your data is critical, you do need to have your own internal #DRP and choose your providers accordingly.

This choice is up to you: build a #DRP that doesn't depend on a single provider, or pick a provider that offers the guarantees your need, so as to stay focus on your business recovery. There's no right choice, it's your decision to make on how you would handle the crisis.

Your data is your business' heart. Keep'em secure. Keep'em safe. #murphyslaw

Thu Mar 11 12:56:43 +0000 2021