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Wed Dec 26 08:19:42 +0000 2018

🚄 On my way to #35c3. See you in Leipzig, hackers!

Aaaaaand there we are :) #35c3

The first humans have arrived. Strange creatures are already there as well #35c3

Jacket of the year \o/ (provided by @okhin) #35c3

OK I definitely have to download the navigation app, cos I'm a bit lost right now O_o #GeolocationMystery

Présentation (bien flippante) de quelques-unes des différentes expériences de "système de crédit social" en Chine par A. Hmaidi au #35c3

J'ai bien cru entendre qu'il y en avait 70 au total. Très différentes cela dit, dans leur conception, leur ampleur et leurs effets (ceux voulus et ceux pas forcément anticipés)

Exemple d'effet de bord dans les systèmes impliquant de la notation réciproque: les participants mettent de mauvaises notes à des gens qu'ils ne connaissent pas, pour que leur entourage soit comparativement mieux noté...

#35c3, next step: a talk about the North-Korean sovereign antivirus, SiliVaccine 😎

(I arrived there 20mn early and the room was already nearly packed)

This talk is based on a paper previously published by @_marklech_ & @kajilot

Fun fact: SiliVaccine uses a scan engine very similar to the one developed by... Trend Micro

So, to sum it up: SiliVaccine is using a Trend Micro component, is actively hiding that fact, has strange whitelisting pratices and was sent with a malware to a journalist. And the talk was very entertaining :D

OMG this 1km long waiting line O_o Should have known all these people are waiting to buy the #35c3 T-shirts & zippers. I'll never get this year's hoodie :(

Oh, the inflatable unicorn is back 😍 #35c3

"Refreshing the memory of St. Jude" aka Jude Milhon, hacker, author, cypherpunk #35c3 (poke @sabineblanc)

"Every revolutionist is a hacker"

Jude Milhon wrote an essay entitled "The Joy of Hacker Sex". At #35c3 some hackers are "rethinking love"

[@libe] [FR] #35c3 - À Leipzig, des hackers entre mémoire et anticipation

On stage now at #35c3, Robert Tibbo, Hong-Kong lawyer for Snowden & the refugees who sheltered him, describing harassment & intimidation from HK authorities against him & the refugees. Itw [DE] here

Vanessa, one of the refugees, appears via videoconference and asks why is Canada delaying its decision re: asylum requests #35c3

Q: If you could go back in time, would you help Snowden?
A: I always say 'yes'. I wanted to help him.

Next talk: 'Smart Home, Smart Hack' 😬

Thr room is fully packed. Looks like a lot of people love the idea of hacking a lightbulb :D #35c3

So it's quite technical, but as far as I understand, it is possible to explore a network by infecting the update to a smart lightbulb's firmware with a trojan. The room applauded ;)

Now in halle Clarke: @_vecna talking about #fbTREX i.e. "Facebook tracking exposed"

They did some testing during the Italian election, to study the impact of one variable (political "likes") on FB newsfeeds. Depending on your political inclination, you get more pictures or more texts, for instance #35c3 #fbTREX

(Slides are there 👉

😁 #35c3

You can help #fbTREX researchers understand how Facebook's algorithm works ;) #35c3

Quite impressive to see how fast #35c3 lectures are available online. More than 90 already 👉 Enjoy!


'How Facebook tracks you on Android (even if you don’t have a Facebook account)' by @F_Kaltheuner & @CJFWeatherhead from @privacyint now at #35c3. Streaming:

The full report is available here:

A thread by @F_Kaltheuner who presented the research

[@libe] [FR] [#35c3] Des applis qui en disent long à Facebook, même quand vous n'y êtes pas

#35c3 #ArjenKamphuis #FindArjen (background:

En français dans le texte.

I finally found the CCC rocket!!! #35c3 #Discodrama

From "refreshing memories" to "loosing memories" 🤩 Time to party, hackers \o/ #35c3

FWIW the ' Was Leckeres' aka ' Something Delightful' cocktail is actually delightful 😎

Hope it'll help me to forget that tomorrow I have to travel back to a country where the main topics of debate are Le Monde Magazine's cover and Jeanne Calment 😑

Rocket man? #35c3

Life of a meme / #35c3 / This is one of the (many) reasons I love @ccc congresses so much :

Bye Leipzig (see you next year for #36c3), bye hackers (see you around) :)

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