RS Archer
Fri Jul 10 08:37:49 +0000 2020

New Thread:

Over the last few days the father, since reunited with Idiot Son (he may or may not be happy about that) has been pursuing a tactic of trying to persuade various institutions to allow him an exemption from Brexit. He started with the EU and felt I should know.

Why he felt I would be in any way interested after last weeks debacle is beyond me. He in particular likes to have my feedback on his emails before he sends them.

His key point is always the same, this is not the Brexit he voted for and someone else is to blame.

He asked who to contact at "them EU lot" I said never a bad idea to start at the top and suggested Ursula von der Leyen.

He asked if he is a Brit. I had to explain that she is a woman and no Brits still work at the EU as the UK had left the EU. This seemed to surprise him

He asked me if the Brits who had worked at the EU had all lost their jobs. I said well certainly the MEPs like Farage had.

"Nigel Farage !, They sacked him after all he did for Britain. That is a disgrace"

I explained that as the UK was no longer a member of the EU it of course no longer has political representation there.

This he said was "typical of the EU, they are punishing Britain because of Brexit"

He then asked me if I thought Boris Johnson would be a good person to contact.

"Couldn't do any harm" I said. He asked me what I thought the chances were of a meeting with the PM,
"Slim" I said.

He said he had already written to him once via the Number 10 website but had yet to receive a reply.

He seemed surprised by this.

He also let slip that idiot son suggested they "just turn at Number 10 up and put him straight"

I advised against the direct approach (men with guns etc) but I think he was seriously considering it. He then went back to the EU people.

What did I think was the chance of a meeting in Brussels or would they come to him ?

I said I felt the likelihood of Ursula von der Leyen jumping on the Eurostar and coming over for a visit to him was on balance "not high".

He asked if it would make a difference that his father had an OBE for services to farming. I said regretfully it would probably not.

Just two seconds ago. WhataApp from idiot son.

"We are not giving up, we are going to show them we mean business"

Once again, not sure what he means (probably neither does he)

Fri Jul 10 09:44:30 +0000 2020