RS Archer
Tue Sep 08 07:21:54 +0000 2020

To those who in the last few days who have made what they thought were anonymous threats to me because they decided I hold a certain viewpoint.

The software system we use works for you as well. We already have the workplace details of two of you.

Expect phone calls.

Just made the first call. She was not happy and astonished that I had traced her so quickly. She told me I had invaded her privacy and would be reporting me to the police. I reminded her she had made a death threat toward me so the police would be interested in that.


She briefly tried to justify her threat but in the end conceded she should not have done it. She asked me not to inform her employer, a UK local council where she works as an equalities officer (irony). She said she would be taking a break from Twitter.

I just checked and her twitter account has been deactivated.

and on to the second person. This one accused me of wanting to see others killed and used that as a justification for declaring,
"I hope your children die"

I called him at work, I spoke to the reception at his company first, introducing myself as "RS Archer from twitter"


At first he refused to speak with me so I asked the reception to put me through to their HR office in connection with him. She obviously warned him of this so he took the call. He repeated the threat (I recorded the call) and so I spoke to HR, they are calling me back.

Their head of HR has called me. She was very 'guarded' in her comments, which is understandable. They have asked I do nothing at the moment because they have instigated an internal investigation and are seeking the advice of their lawyers. I declined their request for a meeting.

Have received another call. They want me to speak with their lawyer in a face to face meeting at their office in London to discuss a "settlement". Told them I have no interest in money, that clearly surprised them so now they want me to have a call with the lawyer tomorrow.

Some background. The company is a large American conglomerate but I have been speaking to their London office where the individual is based. I can see from his Linked In profile he has been there for 9 years and holds a position of vice president. More details after call today.

So I have seen he has left his twitter account up but removed all posts except for a few innocuous ones regarding football. Probably trying to create a "wasn't me" story. Also Linked In edited to remove company London address. Bit late now !

They called to confirm their lawyer will call me at 1100 my time. Was asked if I will be having a lawyer on the call as well. Said I come from a family of lawyers including a father who is a London barrister. She said,
"O, I see" She may well have swallowed hard at that point

So the lawyer for the company was very pleasant. He asked immediately if the call was being recorded and I confirmed it was.
"Good idea" he said. He of course made the ritualistic statements about the company not accepting responsibility but that they took it seriously


Without admitting any liability he was able to confirm the individual had been placed on administrative leave pending a more detailed investigation by them. He asked once again if I was seeking compensation, intending to sue the company or would be contacting the police


I said I was not seeking any compensation from the company but had made no decision regarding the individual. He asked if I would be prepared to delay any further actions until the company completed its investigations. I said yes providing it took no longer than 10 days.


He agreed this was fair and a date was agreed by when I would hear back. The individual would not be returning to work before the investigation was completed. He asked for details of how I had tracked him

"For my own reasons" he said. I declined to answer him which he accepted

This is interesting, the website of the company has been changed to say they have a "zero tolerance policy" with regard to hate speech of any form among their employees. This change was made less than an hour ago.

An update. Although it did take longer than 10 days the company kept in touch with me. The person has received an internal reprimand and has undertaken training. He has written me a personal letter of apology.

Mon Sep 21 06:40:56 +0000 2020