RS Archer
Mon Sep 28 12:04:02 +0000 2020

I must just share this. Brian is off for a walk. The outfit is superb.

Panama hat
Dark blue blazer with a faux military badge on the pocket
Bright red corduroy trousers
A cravat

He's whistling the 'Great Escape" theme tune.

Brian's back. He saw me, bowed and waved his hat.

He's such a prat it makes my teeth hurt.

Hat tip to @bdc526t who called it perfectly.

Brian slid over and just shook my hand in a 'meaningful' way. Yes Brian is 'on the square'

To have a little fun I responded with the appropriate finger movement. He smiled, tapped the side of his nose and winked.

I now need to invent some local 'traditions' for French masons.

Am seriously considering getting a few friends together for a 'socially distanced' lodge meeting. There is a function room at a nearby hotel we could use. I know the Mayor would be willing because he strongly dislikes freemasonry.

Just dropped Brian a letter asking if he would be interested in attending a "welcome meeting with the lodge". Channelling my inner Hancock I described it as,

"The meeting although secular in conception will be ecclesiastical in decorum. Dress informal, gaiters optional"

He asked where the Lodge meetings where held. I said it was near to the SNCF train repair yard.

23 Railway Cuttings

There was a latter in our outer doorway this morning. Brian is in. He had one question,

"Do you insist on all proceedings being in French?" I dropped a note off when I went for my swim this morning.

"French, Aramaic or Latin, we are very flexible"

Tue Sep 29 06:28:51 +0000 2020