RS Archer
Mon Oct 12 06:05:36 +0000 2020

Interesting email today
They want me to write a 2000 word article for free
They want me to come to London at my own expense
They want me to sign over the copyright to them
Their offer 'Great exposure for a young writer"

My response
"Is everyone on this project working for free ?

Someone is up early,

"No, you don't understand how the media works. Young writers like yourself should not expect to get paid when they are starting out. In fact it's quite selfish of you to mention this when you get a great offer like ours. Suggest you rethink your karma"

I replied,

"I am not a 'young writer starting out', I am an established historian with numerous books and articles to my name something you would have known if you had done even the most basic of research but even if I was not I still


He's back,

"Chill dude, it's just not realistic to expect to be paid, where have you been for the last ten years ? Besides the exposure we offer is far more valuable that money - you should really think about that"

I replied,

"Of course, what was I thinking? In fact when the good people from EDF ask me to pay my electricity bill I will instead offer their CEO "exposure" in a forthcoming book. I am sure that will be fine. In conclusion


He's not giving up,

"You just don't understand how the world works dude, you need to get up to date and appreciate the value of what we have offered. The old money for writing business model no longer exists, we can offer massive social media exposure for you. See the value"

I wrote back,

"I see now. I have spoken to your boss and explained the value of 'exposure' rather than payment and he agrees from now on a proportion of your monthly payment should also be via exposure. I understand this will be via likes of your social media posts- good luck"

O Jesus he was enough of a twat to think that was true,

"Dude, that is not cool !!!!!!! I have bills to pay every month, you think I can buy food with facebook likes ???? Do you really? Thanks for screwing up my job, I have to tell my girlfriend now"

Irony lost on him

I felt I had to respond,

"You just don't understand how the world works dude, you need to get up to date and appreciate the value of what you are now getting. Peace out"

He may not have seen my latest email because he's still replying to the earlier one,

"Do you know what is costs to live in London ??? I need every penny of my salary, I have to pay for rent, for food, you have screwed that up. This is really bad, our offer to you is withdrawn."

Mon Oct 12 09:28:36 +0000 2020