RS Archer
Mon Nov 30 12:36:59 +0000 2020

Since around August there has been a woman who sends me a DM about three times a week. She is 100% supportive of Brexit and to put it mildly hates me on a cellular level. She 'knows' that the EU is trying to punish Britain, she 'knows' the UK pays "billions" every year


She 'knows' that her grandson is just months away from his EU Army conscription, she 'knows' that ending FoM will protect her from immigration.
She really thinks all this and many other facts are true. She believes Farage (she has sent him money more than once)


She is utterly and completely convinced that once the transition time has ended all the problems currently faced by her will end. She is confidently predicting a massive fall in unemployment, she expects to see lower food prices, more school places. Lower bus fares


At first I sent her links to independent reports-"all lies". After that I referred her to professional bodies-"paid off by Brussels". I tried encouraging her to listen to others outside her Brexit bubble-"all traitors"

I now realise nothing will change her mind.


To her and many others Brexit will never be a failure, there will always be an excuse, they will always believe.

For many their lives were defined by Brexit, it was for them the only "win" they ever had and perhaps will ever had.

They cannot back down, they are lost forever

Mon Nov 30 12:51:54 +0000 2020