RS Archer
Thu Apr 22 12:32:43 +0000 2021

Late last week I received a new twist on the standard scam email. This one suggested I had been overcharged by the tax authorities and gave an email address so I could "receive your immediate refund of $2987. Putting aside my confusion as to why the French government..


.. would be sending me a tax refund in US Dollars I wrote back,

"What joyous news, I give praise to the Gods above for this fortuitous event that greets me at this crossroads in my life. Only last week I found a four leaf clover on my morning walk and now this....


my cup runneth over with gifts. Shall I collect the money from the Post Office or will you be sending a cheque?

They replied,
"There will be a small government processing fee to be paid and then the refund will be sent to your bank. Please send your bank details..."


I emailed back immediately.

Angoulême Loan Pacific And Consolidated Associated Bank

Account number 31415926535 Sort Code 8979323846 Reference 2643383279

There was some delay but then a flurry of responses.

"Which bank is that?"
"Why is that account number in that format"
"What is the name of the account?"
"When can you transfer the fee to us"
"Is there a Western Union office near you?"

I gave them a little time to stew and then replied,

"Sorry, it's the beginning of the Swan racing season and they can be frisky, it's feathers everywhere in their boxes right now so I have been busy. Before we go on can this money be paid direct to my Swan racing account in..

..Luxembourg or does it have to go to a French bank? I like to keep some money out of the country if you know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink wink."

They were quick to email back,

"We can process to any bank in the world just let us have the details, also please confirm that you have a Western Union office near you" I replied,

"Western Union, is that the people who sell the leather chaps?"

Thu Apr 22 12:54:53 +0000 2021