Sat Feb 08 21:35:27 +0000 2020

Interesting mistake happened to me yesterday. I was checking out of an Airbnb(like) room and was going to hang around the city until 2pm but my check it was 10 am. The place had lockers similar to this one. Electronic access. Cost was $6 each time you used a locker. 1/

Convenient and not too expressive. So I put my bags in an open locker (#4) put my money in and closed the locker door. As I shut the #4 door, the #1 door popped open and the screen said please assign a PIN code for locker #1. 2/

Then I realized my mistake! I just grabbed a random door and closed it. Shit! I tried to see if I could open the #4 locker. Nope it's shut. Locked. I thought ok I'll just have to call someone, but who? It's not a real hotel. There's no number anywhere to call. 3/

So I realized that it's a good thing I don't have to head to the airport for four more hours because this is going to take a while. Or is it? 4/

The locker has a touch screen with two operations. Unlock or Rent a locker. No help and any thing else. So I think there must be a hidden menu. A tap randomly on corners frantic to find something. Then boom an "Enter PIN" is displayed with a 0-9 PIN pad. Sweet! 5/

Now to just guess the PIN. Ok 0,1,2,3. Wrong PIN. 1,2,3,4. Administration Menu! Yes. Ok presented with 5 menus. I select the first one. From here I can select a locker number to administer. I select #4. Then I select Open. And POP, #4 opens. Easy. Grab my stuff. 6/

But I think well now what, I want to go around town, but it's so easy to simply open the locker. Should I leave my things in #1? I mean anyone could just grab it. That's not good. In the end I figured that the probability was low so I did but I knew that I'd have to 7/

Investigate further... Fast forward till 1:30. I get back and open locker #1 using the standard method. But I wanted to see how the owner if the locker would be able to change the PIN. To see IF there was a way. So I went to the Admin Menu. There was Global Management option 8/

Of the six menu options, it was the one that should have had a PIN change option. After going through all of the Sub options I didn't see anywhere to change the PIN. ANYWHERE! So I realized that it must be set through some admin tool or flat file. 9/

I didn't have much more time had to catch my flight so I left it here. Sort of. I did find the Exit program menu to find out it runs Windows.10/

And is connected to the internet... End/

I thought about it for a while and decided to share the video. I think this will help you understand how these lockers work.

Tue May 05 01:40:24 +0000 2020