Cate Cadell
Sat Jan 18 13:32:18 +0000 2020

It may look like business as usual in Wuhan amid a virus outbreak - but people I spoke to said hospitals are full and there is a lot of fear among people with sick relatives

Side note: Three different people I spoke to had been tracked by authorities for posting info about sick relatives or friends on social media or speaking to press. One person was threatened directly after a private phone call for speaking to press.

In a climate of secrecy where you can be threatened with detention for sharing & seeking information about your own ill relatives it’s hardly surprising people fear they are being lied to about the extent of the outbreak.

People who visited two separate hospitals said there’s a crunch to get relatives admitted to the one hospital in the city where experts from Beijing have set up base. Some are being told to go home and avoid contact with others, as the multi-level process to confirm cases is slow

One report suggests the number of cases of #WuhanPneumonia could be as high as 1700 - with three confirmed cases overseas it’s tough to believe there’s no other cases outside Wuhan. Over 400 mln people will travel throughout China over the holiday, roughly 7mln abroad

Sat Jan 18 13:36:39 +0000 2020