Belarusian Cyber-Partisans

🔥The work of the main #Kremlin censor has been disrupted. They monitor and censor ppl for @roscomnadzor. 👊📛 Since the beginning of the war, they follow Putin's opponents, write denunciations to the #FSB & other agencies, & block services that help convey truthful info. 1/4

@roscomnadzor During оur prolonged operation on the #Russian General Frequency Control Center we:

⚡️Hacked the internal network;
⚡️Downloaded documents, correspondence and mail of employees, & tracking systems (+2TB);
⚡️Encrypted workstations;
⚡️Damaged the domain controller. 2/4

@roscomnadzor We are also sending our regards to the #Belarusian surveillance company - Falcongaze😉. Their software has been used to spy on RGFC employees. We know everything employees were doing in the last three months. Falcongaze, your systems are weak. Stop supporting dictators! 3/4

Fri Nov 18 16:06:57 +0000 2022