Dan Goodin

No big deal. Just another offer to pay me a secret $2k to $5k in exchange for me writing an article about a companies I'd otherwise NEVER cover.

Part 1: Tanveer DMs me on Twitter. https://t.co/ZtVgjkcpFH

Part 2: Swapnil messages me on Signal. https://t.co/OfTz4Xn1EF

Part 3: Three days later, Swapnil confirms he has control over support@upstagemedia.co https://t.co/AiT2From8T

I have no knowledge one way or the other about whether these folks have gotten reporters to publish for the publications mentioned. I sure hope not. But OMG, if this is true . . . !

Venture capitalists, please note: if a startup you fund has invoices from Upstage Media, you have an ethical and possibly legal obligation to disclose this. You should also seriously consider simply dumping the startup.

The story and headline practically write themselves :)


I’ve seen tweets responding that these kinds of arrangements have been going on for a while and are well known. Really? Journalists with 5+ years experience on staff at established publications taking payment from a PR firm? That’s an offense that gets you banned for life.

Let me assure you that whatever "marketing incentives in cybersecurity" means, it's not the same as offering a journalist with 5+ years experience a secret payment for an article in their employer's established news outlet. Stop trying to normalize, pls.


Swapnil’s twisted logic makes my brain hurt. https://twitter.com/swapnilbdevre/status/1577608531460722688

Anyone want to guess what line of graft this fellow is in? https://twitter.com/jeetujayson/status/1577611111603482624

Wed Oct 05 12:13:00 +0000 2022