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Elon Musk's best kept secret? His persuasion skills.

I accidentally discovered how Elon uses persuasion when I was reading about his hostile takeover of Twitter.

Here are 13 persuasion tactics Elon Musk uses on Twitter:

Before I tell you...

I want you to take a look at the marketing spending breakdown major car manufacturers.

Did you notice it?

(hint: look at Tesla)

In 2018:

General Motor spent $3.4 billion in ads.
Fords: $2 billion
Volkswagen: $5 billion
Tesla? $0


But how?


Let me clarify that adversiting is not marketing.

While Elon’s companies don’t spend money on ads…

They do market the hell out of their products using a few persuasion secrets I'll be telling you about today.


So taday I’ll reveal a 13 persuasion tactics Elon Musk uses on his Twitter account and businesses.

These tactics work even if you're not rich – except for one 🤫

Let’s go:

Tactic 1:

How it works:
Give something away for free. Get something in return.

How Elon used it:
In September 2017, Hurricane Maria knocked out the power in Puerto Rico. Musk sent help. He got free press.

Tactic 2:
Post your Ls

How it works:
Posting about your failures makes you appear trustworthy and transparent. It helps build trust and empathy towards you.

Tactic 3:
Create Controversy

How it works:
Post controversial ideas you truly believe in. It’ll help you build a rock-solid following by scaring away the weak and attracting the hard-core people.

Tactic 4:
Shit posting

How it works:
Post memes and jokes. Memes carry an emotional punch. It’s impossible to hate someone who makes you laugh. It makes people think “He’s one of us”

Tactic 5:
Delete your tweets

How it work:
Post something valuable. Then delete it. People will be asking for it in your DMs. Deleting tweets and threads creates a sense of urgency and scarcity.

(musk deleted these tweets)

Tactic 6:
Use scarcity

Let people know that there’s limited spots for your programs. This will make your followers jump over hurdles so they don't miss the chance to buy.

Tactic 7:
Use social proof

When in doubt, people look at what others are doing. If they see the behavior is acceptable and common, they’ll be open to doing it too.

(30,000 people bought Elon's "Burnt Hair" perfume and Twitter is usage is at an all-time high)

Tactic 8:
Reply to followers

Content is king. But engaging with your followers is what helps you build a repution. Connect with your followers in the timeline and your DMs.

Tactic 9:
Keep people informed.

Let your followers know about your future plans. Announcing your products pre-sells people.

Tactic 10:
Be yourself

People want to follow real people. Just be yourself.

Tactic 11:
Build in public

Are you creating something new? Post about your progress, learnings, and the challenges you’re facing. It’s a great way to build hype for your stuff and make people root for you.

Tactic 12:
Open a pre-order period.

Promote your products before they're ready. That way, you can gauge interest.

(Elon Musk pre-sold 250K Cybertruck back in 2019)

Tactic 13:
Buy Twitter for $44 Billion Dollars

If nothing else works to make your account grow… buy Twitter

That's a wrap!

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"But GM and Ford makes moneiss"

Yup... but:
"In the first quarter, Tesla just reported a net income of $3.31 billion. By comparison, GM recorded a net profit of $2.93 billion in the same period. Ford [...] posted a net loss of $3.1 billion"


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