John Scott-Railton
Thu Jan 07 02:45:21 +0000 2021

WOW: Was there a plan to take hostages? This man is carrying police-style zip-tie handcuffs. And mace(?)

Can we find more footage of this man?

People may recall the plot that the FBI disrupted a plot to storm the Michigan government and kidnap @GovWhitmer.

Some are pointing out that this looks a lot like a pistol. We need more footage.

Here's the full source for the image by @WinMc. Looks like its part of a series. Has anyone seen others?

Markings he is wearing: a Tennessee thin blue line PVC patch, an "AR Flag" trucker cap, Punisher Flag PVC patch...

Found the only other one of this guy published by Getty. thanks to @nhfruchter who found the Getty series.

Side view of his AR Flag hat confirms my suspicion that its from @blckriflecoffee. Logo now visible.

This guy is really hitting all the notes for tying to look like current former LE/MIL.

ANOTHER man with zip ties in the Senate spotted by @supergregg68. Feeling more and more like this was coordinated.

More shots of #2 Zip Tie guy. What was the plan that failed here?

About this sporrt/tactical holster & whats in it. If you are familiar with gear, please reply with your take.

Context: these are not normal zip ties, they are carrying double restraints, often called 'flex cuffs.'

Got a thread tracking the organized entry of what I'm calling "Group 2" (the masked, organized men that keep showing up in footage).

People are pointing out that men in background of the pictures are also up to something .One of them is kneeling and doing something to the door. Were they trying to barricade themselves in the chamber?

Another picture of Man 2 w/temporary restraints was just flagged to me. Looking for more pics of this man and his face. Can we identify some of his patches?

Source: vice

Trying to find more footage of purple sweatshirt & red hoodie front carrying this backpack.

For Man #2 with temporary restraints we have an ID on a Texas Punisher Vynl patch. Others outstanding:
-Eagle (or vulture?) patch on the center of his plate
-Red patch w/ gold edging looks VERY military.
-Helmet patch.
Please help.

We are getting closer...

Attention: military aviators & Airplane geeks, can you identify this gold and red flight tag worn by the man carrying temporary restraints?

Also looking for help with the bird patch.

BREAKING: I've ID'd man #2 w/restraints in Senate (moderate/high confidence) and am referring directly to Law Enforcement

-Ex. military officer & has just pulled his social media.
-His insignia matches his military record.

Thx for help of many folks here! esp @JohnHultquist

The troubling picture is coming into focus: multiple people on front lines of breaching the senate chamber were ex military. At least one carried restraints.

Onwards to identifying Males #1 & #2. Please help.

Many have asked. I have referred Male #2's name and details to the @FBI and will not be naming him right now.

However, I believe you should know that his bio includes:
-longtime security clearance
-graduate of a military academy
-Senior officer's rank at retirement

A reminder of what we know about Male #1
-temporary restraints
-@blckriflecoffee cap
-Punisher flag & Tennessee thin blue line patch
-Mace-type canister

Need: pics of him entering & exiting #CapitolBuilding, on grounds, brand of camo, face.

Ex-military officer who went to the Senate Floor w/restraints also spotted exiting @SpeakerPelosi office (prior to her nameplate being broken, so "early-ish").

Eagle-eyed @engelsjk caught his exit from her office at ~2:40 in @robertmooreitv's footage.

Multiple ppl have helped me determine that Male #1 is wearing a camo pattern from @kryptekoutdoors called "Typhoon". I examined their offerings and think that he is wearing an ensemble of the "Tactical 2 Pant" and the "Tactical 3 LS Zip" Thx @MattDevost et al!

WOW @blckriflecoffee blocked me after after I discovered Male 1 was wearing their "AR Flag" cap.

I was just combing their socials for pics of the individual. Fellow investigators: Please pick up where I left off on that.

@blckriflecoffee Still working on the holster and weapon for Male #1. Many have suggested a small firearm in a sport/ tactical holster. Others suspect a #TASER Pulse & holster (pictured)

We need more angles.

Duffel of restraints & package of black nitrile gloves abandoned when #CapitolBuilding was cleared.

Can anyone identify what is in the side pocket of this duffel & any photos of someone carrying it?

Pic: @corumphoto. Can't recall who flagged this, apologies.

That was QUICK. Abandoned duffel w/restraints & gloves contains... a pack of single use plastic wristbands. This is a mass detention kit.

KEY: before jumping to *any* conclusion: this could belong to #CapitolPolice.

Well spotted @MMacLennan01 & @just_some_d00d!

The bag belonged to the #CapitolPolice. Note the label "wristbands" on the side pocket. Moving on.

Thanks to those who spotted & flagged this. Pic @MarkJacob16.

Footwear nerds I need your help on identifying Male #1's boots. I've done some image enhancement to surface features. These look like duty-style boots. Note the pull tab and upper.

"Bring handcuffs and zip ties to DC..."

Specific call to bring restraints for members of congress. Thread included a map of the #CapitolHill tunnel system.

Imp caveat: may be unrelated directly to men we're attempting to ID.

H/t to brilliant @AricToler for spotting.

On the topic of specific calls to storm #CapitolBuilding @AricToler has some excellent digging, with timestamps.

Recommended follow.

Temporary restraints were used to barricade at least one #CapitolBuilding door from the outside. They show up, cut, dangling from a door handle in footage of rioters exiting.

FOUND likely footage of Male #1 in @blckriflecoffee hat entering #CapitolBuilding. Gear and clothing seems to match.

Hi-viz recognition patch on plate carrier.

Keeps arm on another unidentified individual wearing plate carrier.

Vid to follow.

Thanks @nasty101415 for flagging.

Please help me identify additional details from this vid of the candidate for Male #1 as he enters #CapitolBuilding & climbs steps, including stills of the apparent sidearm/ taser on hip & other gear.

Many reasons to think Male #1 has a version of the Gadsden flag "Don't Tread on Me" patch. Hard to tell exact color in footage.

Now we suspect the door of entry we need still pics & more footage.

NEW: paid $435 licensing fee @AP for hires pic of Male #1 outside the #CapitolBuilding.

Lets us confirm:

-Knife clipped to pocket
-Taser Pulse on hip

Time to work on facial details. And who is Female #2? We saw them together on staircase.

Credit: zz/STRF/STAR MAX/IPx

Closing in fast! Moderate-high confidence clothing, gear, weapon (mentions his taser) and companion match for Male #1.

Urgently need: Grand Hyatt & lobby footage. Morning & evening Jan 6th.

Key: please DM if you recognize Male #1 or Female #2.

Thx: @TheBestUn0 for spotting.

NEW: Moderate-high confidence match for Male #1 gives interview in lobby of Grand Hyatt. Note mention of his taser and possible contact with police.

Please help with DM'd identification.

[FULL VIDEO] URGENT: Matches in clothing, gear, and story with #ZipTieGuy (aka Male # 1) from the Senate.

Have friends in #Tennessee ? From there? Please review this footage. DMs open if you recognize him or his female companion.

Reminder why I am probing for possible Tennessee connection for Male #1 aka #ZipTieGuy:

-Tennessee-shaped thin blue line patch on body armor
-@blckriflecoffee hat. Company has operations in TN (and other states)
-Accent in above video (disclaimer: not accent expert)

Sat Jan 09 03:02:58 +0000 2021