Kirsten Han 韩俐颖
Tue Oct 27 06:00:51 +0000 2020

In a corner of #Singapore Facebook, a group of employers are aghast that a migrant domestic worker asked for a salary of S$700/month (US$516).

"The cheek!" one commented.

"She last worked in Singapore XX years ago? Tell her she depreciated, not appreciated!" said another.

Migrant domestic workers are legally mandated to live in their employers' homes. Employers are supposed to provide "adequate" food and board, but it's legally unclear what that means, and standards can vary greatly — it's like playing a lottery to see if you get a good employer.

Singaporeans are finding that working from home day in, day out, during #COVID19 is stressful and blurring the boundaries between being on the clock and at rest. As @jolovanwham points out, this is the *ongoing* reality for migrant domestic workers, and has been for years.

Tue Oct 27 06:00:52 +0000 2020