Kristin Rawls
Wed Sep 16 01:44:30 +0000 2020

I'm very troubled by how many people go to the Nazis rather than to very recent American history when commenting on these forced sterilizations.

The official eugenics program in North Carolina ended in 1974, and the state has recently paid reparations.

Connecticut was the first state to officially begin eugenics sterilizations in the 1870s. Other states quickly followed. Sterilizations took place in California until 1979, and in Puerto Rico until the 1970s.

In California, it has continued in prisons to within the decade. 1979 is just when the official eugenics board shut down.

American eugenics programs both predate and outlast Nazi eugenics programs by several decades on each end. Nazi eugenics programs were influenced and inspired by ours.

We should not associate this only with the Nazis.

Not to downplay the scale of Nazi eugenics, which was of course more expansive.

Correction: In NC, sterilizations stopped in 1974, but the eugenics board did not officially dissolve until 1977.

Wed Sep 16 20:18:47 +0000 2020