Larry J. Cohen

Has anyone else noticed almost every streaming service seems to ignore, bury or obscure tv and film Writers on their title pages and search?

An investigation…

A quick glance @hulu shows the Cast and Director prominently featured… but where’s the Writer?

Not shocking that only Spike’s name gets any meaningful search results… Sorry Charlie.

But hey, that’s a film. There’s no way a series wouldn’t at least include the Writer/Creator, right? Well, not always on @hulu.

How about @PrimeVideo? @Amazon already owns @IMDb, so they must do better… No, it’s actually worse.

This time, @PrimeVideo decided to include the series Directors and the Producers, then seems to go out of their way to ignore anyone who wrote or created the series.

Same deal with films.

Now onto @DisneyPlus where at first glance doesn’t seem to credit anyone…

Unless you’re willing to look under the details section where the Creator and some of the cast is listed…

I wish I could say the same for their films…

Don’t worry, I’m sure @AppleTVPlus found a smart simple way to feature at least the Creator… Sigh.

While many of the Writers are also Executive Producers, neither the word Writer or Creator is anywhere to be found.

Their films do make sure to feature the Director though…

And then if you look really carefully, you might find the Writers at the very end of a long scroll.

At this point, you probably won’t be surprised to find out that @Netflix mentions only the Cast for their films…

And while some series do mention their Creators, it makes no sense why @Netflix wouldn’t credit @neilhimself here.

Meanwhile, @ParamountPlus barely even mentions the Cast.

And @AMCPlus doesn’t bother to include anyone involved with their series except in this one case for @AnneRiceAuthor who sadly passed away last year.

Now before you lose all hope, @HBOMax actually goes out of their way to include not only the Writer/Creator, but also the Writer of every episode in a series. If they can do it, I don’t see why the other streamers can’t follow the same model.

Of course, writers are still listed in the end credits and/or opening titles, but why not include them on the title page? Why not let people search by writer?

Whatever the reasons might be… It’s not too late to give a proper credit where the credit is due.

Mon Nov 14 19:32:15 +0000 2022