Fri Jan 08 16:03:57 +0000 2021

When I got home yesterday my daughter was in rage tears over her AP US History teacher's talking down and over the girls in the class about the validity of the "pink tax" and the gender pay gap (both of which he disputes). Today I joined the class. 1/

He asked why I was there, and I said I was concerned about the inaccuracy of statements he'd made in class about the pay gap, and the impact that has on the girls in his care. 2/

He claimed the stats do not show a pay gap. I told him he was wrong, that the ones that match at role level and industry do. I reminded him that the EEOC (which he should have taught the kids about) adjudicates gender pay discrimination cases. 3/

And that one of those cases was just done in December, finding that the Enoch Pratt Free Library discriminated against female supervisors (citation: https://t.co/w2aquR0WJN). 4/

He said he was uncomfortable having "this discussion" in "a public venue" and that it wasn't appropriate to get into politics. I said I wasn't having a political discussion, I was asking him to correct his misinformation. He asked me to leave. 5/

One of the great things about Zoom classes? I "left" by moving 6 inches to the left. He then apologized to my daughter for "hurting her feelings." 6/

And this is when the amazing thing happened. 3-4 additional girls started speaking up about the discussion from yesterday, and how unhappy it had made them. They said he hadn't listened to their perspectives. 7/

That he regularly interrupts them (a statement which he interrupted). That he doesn't actually know the impact of things like the pink tax because he's not a woman, he should listen to women. 8/

It was amazing to hear these girls, once given space to object to male privilege by a woman inhabiting her power (me, a highly-placed, white, affluent, parent), took on that space and FILLED IT. 9/

The lesson here? All I did was open a door for a group of girls, and make the room safe for them to speak up. WHO ARE YOU GOING TO OPEN A DOOR FOR TODAY? 10/10

A few additions: I neither deserve nor seek congratulations, the girls are the heroes today. Black lives matter. Smash the patriarchy. Support Planned Parenthood.

Fri Jan 08 17:05:37 +0000 2021