A thread 🧵: The notion that “Jews ran the slave trade” is not only an antisemitic libel to scapegoat Jews, but also a completely non-historic analysis of the transatlantic slave trade. And yes I brought the receipts below👇

🧵continued: A total 27 out of 70,000 major slave owners in the transatlantic slave trade were Jews. In 1830 alone, freed black slaves who became slave owners themselves outnumbers Jewish slave owners 15:1. The participants in slavery also greatly exceeded just Jews and Europeans

🧵cont: Jews also played a role in abolishing slavery for centuries. Not only in America given by the first example; Isaac Adolphe Crémieux a Jew who became the Minister of Justice of France, abolished slavery in all French colonies in 1848. Which Jews were expelled from in 1683

Mon Nov 07 22:45:07 +0000 2022