Mike Masnick

I'm struggling to understand the logic as to how this plan does literally anything to stop spam and scams. But, here's the best I can come up with (note: it won't work) based on Musk's random musings... (1 of x) https://t.co/TgZEPVfiYY

The whole "priority in replies, mentions" bit is that while he CLAIMS he's giving "power to the people" and removing the classist system, he's actually just making it worse. Those who pay get a cleaned up Twitter. Those who don't get flooded with spam. https://t.co/BioKIHoBF7

So, for the group of people who are willing to pay (which could very much include spammers and scammers), there will be one version of Twitter. And the *incentives* are now totally screwed up, because the more people are faced with spam, the more they might just pay up...

... or, more likely, just go somewhere else that doesn't try to make them pay up to enjoy the site. The whole thing seems strange and is the kind of thing that people who DO NOT EXPERIENCE TWITTER LIKE MOST PEOPLE think makes sense. But will end up driving users away.

So, yes, as some people are pointing out, he's "getting rid of the classist system of lords and peasants" by creating a new such system, but worse, with screwed up incentives.

Tue Nov 01 22:48:34 +0000 2022