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The recent changes that Apple has made to App Store ads should raise many #privacy concerns. It seems that the #AppStore app on iOS 14.6 sends every tap you make in the app to Apple.πŸ‘‡This data is sent in one request: (data usage & personalized ads are off)

As the user browses the App Store app, detailed usage data is sent to Apple simultaneously. The data contains IDs to map the behavior to a profile (redacted in the video). Data shown in the video is 152KB. Here's a log of the requests while using the app for 10 minutes:

The strange thing is that Apple introduced strict measures in #iOS 14.5 to prevent developers from fingerprinting users.

It's unclear if Apple still collects analytics data in iOS 16, even when sharing analytics and personalized recommendations are switched off. Regardless, the App Store already knows a lot about our behavior and how we explore apps.

The level of details shown in the video is also too much even if the user has consented to sharing analytics data with Apple. As the title of John Gruber's post reads: App Store Ads Gone Wild

A new video in 4K and with annotations:

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Fri Nov 04 18:22:16 +0000 2022