Wed Jul 31 00:01:49 +0000 2019

It’s 8 pm ET and all eyes are on Detroit, where night 1 of the second #DemDebate is kicking off 🇺🇸

We’ll be live-tweeting the entire night starting in…


BULLOCK: ‘I came from a state where a lot of people voted for Donald Trump…He will not be easy to beat.’ The Montana gov. argued that a ‘progressive’ Democrat from a red state has what it takes to beat on Trump.

KLOBUCHAR: ’Yes, I have bold ideas, but they are grounded in reality.’

DELANEY: ‘I’m the product of the American dream…[I] can beat Trump and govern.’

WILLIAMSON: 'It is time for a generation of Americans to rise up again' #DemDebate

HICKENLOOPER: 'Donald Trump is malpractice personified.' #DemDebate

SANDERS: 'The reason we are going to beat because he is a fraud and a phony.' #DemDebate

SANDERS: 'This is not radical. This is what virtually every other country on Earth does.' #DemDebates

RYAN: 'We've got to talk about the working class issue...If we focus on that, we'll win the election.' #DemDebate

O'ROURKE: 'We've got the chance to beat Donald Trump with Texas.' #DemDebate

BULLOCK: 'This isn't just a choice between the left and the center...What folks want is a fair shot' #DemDebate

WARREN: 'I remember when people said Barack Obama couldn't get elected. Shoot, I remember when people said Donald Trump couldn't get elected. But here's where we are' #DemDebate

DELANEY: 'I think Democrats win when we run on real solutions, not impossible solutions' #DemDebate

WARREN: 'I don't know why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for President of the United States just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for' #DemDebate

KLOBUCHAR: 'We are more worried about winning an argument than winning an election' #DemDebate

Wed Jul 31 01:22:41 +0000 2019