Madeline Peltz
Wed May 20 00:42:25 +0000 2020

I don't think people on here fully understand what a threat Fox News is to public health and safety.

So here's a thread of the worst of the worst of Fox News' COVID coverage:

Sean Hannity: Coronavirus is a "hoax" invented to "bludgeon Trump" (March 9)

Laura Ingraham: Mitigation efforts to combat COVID are "mass hysteria" (March 11)

Tucker Carlson said the crisis "may have passed" on April 7. Almost 80,000 Americans have died since then

TV huckster Dr. Oz claimed “a lot of doctors” feel that “the worry and the panic about coronavirus is going to be worse than the actual coronavirus for them”

Laura Ingraham claimed the media are upset the pandemic isn't worse.

Many journalists have died from the virus.

Jesse Watters suggested Americans use “the power of positive thinking” to beat coronavirus

Matt Schlapp went on Fox to say COVID is "very, very, difficult" to contract after it was reported there was a positive case at CPAC

Tucker Carlson: “The threat to rural America from this virus is minuscule”


As social distancing efforts went into effect across the country, Fox & Friends host and face of cutesy propaganda for the network Ainsley Earhardt said “it's actually the safest time to fly”

Across the network, hosts have promoted an untested, unproven drug that could be deadly to vulnerable populations, with reckless disregard for the risks.

They convinced the president to claim he is taking it. (Doubt that's actually the case ...)

Think this is all in the past (March & April) and coverage has gotten better? Well, you'd be wrong. Here's the dangerous misinformation they've been pushing since the beginning of May:

Tucker Carlson told his audience the COVID-19 crisis is “easing” the very same day models revised death estimates upwards

As Fox Corporation continues to have employees work remotely, infrequent hand washer Pete Hegseth told the public to have a "military mindset" while entering public spaces.

Laura ingraham said Democrats are pushing coronavirus "panic porn."

That's weird because Lachlan, son of Rupert, told investors he is very concerned about the pandemic in a recent earning call.

Lately, because the crisis reflects badly on the president, Fox News has just given up on covering COVID. Coverage is down 20% month to month.

This silence is it's own form of misinformation campaign that will kill people

Even when they are covering it, the're not covering it. Instead they elevate small fringe anti-social distancing protests and defiant small business owners who don't reflect popular opinion via @ParkerMolloy

Here's data on Fox & Friends refusing to host medical experts just over the last four days

Don't take my word for it. There's a growing body of literature that shows Fox's downplaying the virus is helping it to spread.

This family lost their mother to COVID after she didn't take it seriously because of Fox News.

Meanwhile, these advertisers are paying for it:

Fox is nothing without your money, which they're taking if you're a cable or satellite subscriber. One small thing you can do to protect public health is let your provider know you don't want to pay for Fox News. We'll help you get in touch with them here:

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