Paul Ryding
Sat Mar 21 17:20:43 +0000 2020

As of this minute, I've been sequestered at a "#quarantine camp" by the Hong Kong government for 24 hours. I was made to come here because I had brief contact with a positive case over a week ago. I have so far had no contact whatsoever with any health professional ...

(no monitoring, not so much as a temperature check), I have still not been tested for #Covid_19 -- and was told that they don't know when I am likely to be, and earlier today I waited almost three hours (THREE HOURS!) for drinking water after repeatedly calling the "helpline" ...

to explain that I was extremely thirsty.
Don't believe everything you read about Hong Kong's laudable or competent response to the #coronavirus outbreak. Confusion reigns at this particular "quarantine camp", and the inmates here are being treated horrendously

I requested anti-bacterial wipes to clean the surfaces in my room earlier and was told to call a friend and have them bring them to the camp from outside. It’s now 36 hours since I arrived, and I still haven’t heard from a single person here. Disgraceful. #COVIDー19

A medical professional finally knocked on my door an hour ago. He handed me a thermometer, a pen and paper and asked me to record my temperature at 8am and 4pm daily. And to call the helpline if my temperature goes above 37c. And after 30 seconds, it seems my consultation is over

Also learned earlier that not all inmates at the "#quarantine camp" are treated equally. A colleague who arrived last night had no mattress for her first night (and has changed rooms today because of a flooded bathroom). Another has requested somebody from outside ...

to bring a duvet to the camp, because she is cold, but was told they have no more duvets here. Two others have TVs in their rooms. I do not have a TV in my room. I was specifically told they don't provide them here #quarantine

Day 3. More examples of the staggering ineptitude in this government #COVIDー19 "quarantine camp". Firstly, after initially waiting almost two days to see a doctor, a 2nd one came to my door this morning to hand out the thermometer and pen and paper for self-monitoring again ...

Doc looked shocked when I told him this happened already yesterday. Then, minutes later I received a call from the CHP asking me my name and room No. To clarify, they've held me here for three days now and still didn't know my name and where I am located ...

Also discovered earlier that a colleague in the same facility has been tested for #COVIDー19 today. I still haven't been tested and have asked many times for a test without success. I'm asymptomatic but have been locked in here for days now with no idea either way.

I'm shocked -- even though I really shouldn't be -- that for the second time in four days at one of Hong Kong's "quarantine camps", I have waited over three hours, and am still waiting, for drinking water. A colleague in the same complex has now waited over seven hours.

We are not permitted to leave the room to get water. Our treatment here is bordering on the criminally negligent. How they can justify quarantining us for our own good and say that our health is being "closely monitored" is truly baffling. #COVIDー19

Tue Mar 24 11:13:43 +0000 2020