Wed Jan 06 23:34:37 +0000 2021

You know the word we're not hearing enough right now about the people who attacked the Capitol?


1) The neo-nazis inside Pelosi's office.


2) That animal fur wearing bozo everyone is talking about?

Also a nazi.


3) The kek flag, modeled after the nazi flag came to play at the Capitol too


4) One of the newest GOP Congresswomen was there yesterday to say, "Hitler was right..."


5) "Camp Auschwitz" shirt

https://t.co/vu6wsxAKrG https://t.co/nYPBkvMExg

6) Nazi, Jason Tankersley present too.

https://t.co/YPR4v8PWTl https://t.co/U0hBy1YmNz

7) From their live stream from them last night.

"Sieg heil!"

"Total negro death"

https://t.co/3CEY5eYWit https://t.co/ItURe8M2aL

8) The NSC 131 is a New England Nazi group very active on Telegram that has chapters in Germany, France, and Hungary.

They were there too.


9) Now that we have more than established the nazi and white supremacism links, this is critical to consider https://t.co/R5d6y2KRU0