Netusha "Pitot" Naidu
Tue Oct 27 05:00:39 +0000 2020

A quick thread on the relevance of Istana Kampung Glam to anticolonial nationalism of Patani Malays:

On 6 March 1948, Sa’adon bin Haji Zubir, the President of the Singapore Malay Union (SMU) had also chaired a meeting to discuss the Patani question on at Istana Kampong Glam. 1/

After the session, SMU issued a statement to the Colonial Office. It called upon the United Nations to consider appointing a Commission to enquire and report the conditions in the Malay provinces of Southern Thailand, to hold a plebiscite for its incorporation to Malaya. 2/

This gesture was part of Gabongan Melayu Patani Raya’s campaign to “determine the desires of the people with regards to the separation of territories in question from the Kingdom of Siam.” 3/

- Malayan Security Services Political Intelligence Journal
- Colonial Office

Addendum: Kg Glam is a site of radical Malay politics since the 1930s and the founding of SMU. The article here reveals the Singapore state’s erasure of the Istana’s role in facilitating transnational solidarities across the archipelago as the death knell of colonialism rung.

Tue Oct 27 05:09:01 +0000 2020