Fri Apr 10 14:30:14 +0000 2020

1/ This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

2/ Unsurprising that this movie doesn’t work – the screenplay was a dog’s breakfast.

3/So much heavy handed foreshadowing. The apocalyptic footage from Wuhan, the super villain American president, the whistleblower dying, the Russia/China border closed while people still claimed it was just a flu, the warnings unheeded. Insulting to the audience's intelligence

4/And then – that most annoying of horror/disaster movie tropes – the hapless idiots walking into disaster after disaster, all of which the audience can see coming from a mile away.

5/The over the top details of world leaders and their wives falling ill, the far fetched idea that industrialized countries wouldn’t have proper protective gear for front line workers and ventilators. Pleeeeaaase. This movie needed a script doctor.

6/ This movie even tries to cram in a political agenda – an on-the-nose critique of what capitalism looks like at its worst. States competing for ventilators, the rich sheltering in lovely places while the poor are trapped or still at work in unsafe environments.

7/And the dystopian angle of this movie? The elderly have become so disposable that young people still get together and party? No matter how bad the world is, no one could believe we could ever get to that point.

8/I don’t know who approved this script. I don’t know who thought it was in shape to be released. People are just desperate for content I guess.

9/I don’t often say this, or believe it, but this movie really needed to choose its genre. Horror movie? Political? Disaster? Screwball comedy? It’s just trying to do too many things at the same time.

10/ I also think it was a strange choice for this movie to not focus on the only potentially interesting main protagonist. That bat in China. Every other character is totally passive.

11/The way they are marketing this movie is even more laughable, though perhaps the closest thing to the truth. “At it's heart, this movie is a love story.”

Fri Apr 10 14:30:17 +0000 2020