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Sat Jun 20 20:17:44 +0000 2020

i thought this article was going to be about misogyny in singapore but it's just about okletsgo.

and people are already saying they've apologized, let's move on.

but this really isn't about 3 men, it's about thirty thousand people


the same way SgNasiLemak wasn't about the 4 men who were charged, but about forty thousand men sharing and viewing non-consensual photos of women and *children*


the way the leak of influencer sex tapes wasn't about the one person who leaked it but the tens of thousands of men who shared and are still sharing that content


"RaPe cuLTUre doEsN'T eXist IN sinGApOre"


there are dozens of other threads on sexual assault - committed by university students, doctors, lawyers, teachers, coaches, taxi drivers, etc.

but every reported case IS the tip of the iceberg. we're don't talk about cases unreported or those that never make it to court. https://t.co/D1rNaLvwaj

this isn't just about *crime*, it's about the attitudes many men have towards women.

and it sometimes feels like we can't even talk about it because all conversations about women's issues get derailed the exact same way.


this is the kinda 💩 that contributes to photoshopped photos of an MP's cleavage, of stalking and rape threats faced by women candidates ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


what the fuck is this???

https://t.co/eA2PUMjgwM https://t.co/RvMmWwqtPt

"Ms Rahayu, who is also an adviser to the PAP Women’s Wing, said that all efforts to encourage women’s development will be meaningless if society still disrespects women and still perceives women as the weaker gender or as sexual objects."



this article could never have been written by a local paper, but really covers how massive the problem.

read it.


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