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Fri Dec 25 05:54:13 +0000 2020

it is VERY interesting to compare this with the article Chua Mui Hoong wrote in 2017, about Shrey Bhargava's ABTM post.

personal growth? shanmugam-simping? changing tides? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

‼️ shrey was investigated by the police for his post, btw!

https://t.co/RWARdJ6G89 https://t.co/Ngyg3dX462 https://t.co/OZ3uBOLLfU

just want to link this here for future reference.



- racism is not prevalent here
- classism is a bigger problem
- white man saying he don't like being called ang moh
- we chinese are minorities now, thanks to entitled new CECA citizens
- before you say people are racist, ask yourself what you did to irritate them

sudhir's post: https://t.co/GB3w704tve

some fool: https://t.co/OjZ10c2Qtn

sudhir's a fourth-generation singaporean, but you can never be singaporean enough to not get this if you want to talk about racism. https://t.co/MCtC6Tg1oM

critical spectator's page is a very safe space for chinese singaporeans to engage in fantasies of violence against minority citizens.


lock him up without trial because what even is democracy?? just hang all minorities for treason if they are not grateful!! https://t.co/yve3vPkmme

idek what this is supposed to mean https://t.co/NOdbwYjI9c

people this incapable of understanding the complexities of identity want to be the ones to decide what racism is.

sudhir literally lays it all out on his website, probably because it gets exhausting explaining your ‘singaporeanness’ to Amber Teo Li Min after the millionth time. https://t.co/06BAWiJEkL

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