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I feel like there's a big disconnect between Twitter users who don't work in tech and / or live in the Bay Area vs other users, in terms of knowing / not knowing just how bad things are getting here

Just like how you might stop going to your favorite restaurant because the food got bad when the chef left, it's that, and there are no fire codes, and no one left, and also, the owner poops in the food

I'm starting to notice things not working, like entire tweets disappearing when in a thread, dms are weird, photos are weird, and I fully expect the site to go down for a while quite soon. Archives are taking longer than expected to generate / export.

So all the people here who are like 'i don't care' or 'it'll bounce back' are totally fine with people pooping in their food, as a concept, as long as it means they get close to narcissistic billionaire poop.

Turns out first principles also means first time doing something you don't know how to do, and doing it badly when you don't have actual competent people doing the work for you.

As of this week, the big plan for how to fix attrition seems to be: fix bots and spam and people will come back!

I mean, lol

I don't mean to be into conspiracy theories but at this point the only thing that makes sense is that it's actually fine to tank this entire company because the Saudis will like that, but I actually doubt his ability to effectively carry out a conspiracy theory

maybe you think it's a whole bunch of hogwash that people are posting about how it's all dying, or maybe you hate bay area tech things, but if you keep using this service you'll see it's going to die anyway so do whatever i guess. i'd try to get an archive now tho

If you think he can just go hire a bunch of engineers abroad, it doesn't work that way. They just fired everybody in Ghana without severance, nobody trusts him

(and even if they did coz they were super fans and were outside the US, and Twitter somehow did magically well, it'd be hard for them to benefit financially because well international contracting / employment is hard and. they have no HR!)

Lastly, who wants to work somewhere with such massive legal risk now? If you’re the one who’s got to certify compliance, innovation can’t possibly happen in this environment. Years of processes torn up just like that. For what? The cruelty of it all.

Fri Nov 11 03:22:20 +0000 2022