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With a h/t to @thisisnefertiti
With 20 years experience of visiting fashion manufacturers in China, I had to comment on this influencer’s visit to a Shein factory. I dunno who *she* is but I know a bit about fashion manufacturing. 1/
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I can spot a staged factory a mile off. First tip off is the lack of safety signage everywhere. Where are the fire escape signs, the first aid signs, the fire extinguishers??? Fashion creates a lot of dust and dust is flammable 2/

Again no safety info to be seen, and where are the garments on all these machines? Can they afford to have all this state of the art manufacturing equipment and no manufacturing? Fast fashion means these machines need to be FULL to pay for them - depreciation baby 3/

How can they afford to only cut one garment at a time? Bulk fashion production means cutting through several layers of fabric at a time to maximise efficiency 4/

I hope she had a lovely day out, because at best where she went was a sample room. It’s nice it was painted white though. 5/

Again, if this is a factory and not just a sample room, where are all the garments - bulk production means a constant steam of garments being pressed.

I don’t know any manufacturer that can afford to cut one garment at a time, not even in China where wages are low. You’re Shein, not Alexander McQueen

@LindseyCreated @AjaSaysHello I visited factories in China 2-4 times a year between
1990 to 2020.
I saw this type of fake stuff all the time, fashion manufacturing is destroying the environment and it’s why I now work in tech.
Thrift, swap or care for your clothes please!! 💚

Sat Jun 24 14:00:58 +0000 2023