Tyler Valeska

Videos are rolling in of violence against journalists and protestors at abortion protests around the country. I'll try to flag notable ones here. (1/x)

A journalist in LA clubbed in the stomach by an LAPD officer, knocking him to the ground. Another journalist shoved by a different officer. (2/x)


A third journalist thrown to the ground by a different LAPD officer while recording the arrest of a protestor. She was wearing a press pass and yelling "press!" (3/x)


Protestors hit by a motorist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, hospitalizing one. Witnesses described it as an intentional ramming. Iowa passed a law last year granting civil immunity to drivers "exercising due care" who injure protestors. (4/x)


A clearer angle of (3/x) above. From this video it looks like an onlooker yelled "press" on the journalist's behalf. But she was clearly recording and wearing a press pass when she was forcefully thrown to the ground. (5/x)


Tear gas fired into crowd of protestors at AZ state capitol in Phoenix. Some were banging on building's glass doors, police say trying to break them. Local TV station @azfamily reports that no dispersal order was issued before tear gas was deployed. (6/x)


A journalist in LA pushed through a police line to the ground by officers. (7/x)


A Rhode Island state senate candidate says was assaulted by her opponent in the race, a Providence Police Dept officer. PPD announced this AM that they’re investigating the actions of an off-duty officer last night. (9/x) https://twitter.com/jenrourke29/status/1540702320907935744

Sat Jun 25 16:52:54 +0000 2022