Thomas Kennedy

Got footage from inside this event. They admit the bill is “100% meant to scare” immigrants and beg the crowd to “urgently” convince “your people” to not leave Florida since folks in the agriculture industry are mad workers are leaving. The hypocrisy is so brazen and disgusting.

There you have it. The same scumbag politicians who voted for this anti-immigrant crap admit they did so to scare people from coming to Florida while also begging immigrants in a church to talk to their community so they don’t leave and keep working here. It’s all so disgusting.

Here they claim that Florida’s anti-immigrant law is more of a “political bill” than actual policy and then immediately contradicts himself by claiming that it gives police more “state power” in matters of immigration. Dishonest, dumb and messy.

Watch Rep. Roth outside the event. He uses word like “I believe” when referring to the law and says they “will have more information by September.” They voted for this harmful bill and they don’t even know what’s in it.

Tue Jun 06 16:39:31 +0000 2023